About AllGrappler


AllGrappler embraces all grappling arts. Founded by two former wrestlers turned no-gi jiu-jitsu enthusiasts, AllGrappler was born from the desire to grow grappling as a unified martial art that everyone can enjoy. With a focus on fostering a friendly and inclusive community, AllGrappler provides grappling camps with world-class instructors at ideal travel destinations. We welcome grapplers from any grappling background, location and gym affiliation.

Welcome to AllGrappler - One Art for All Grapplers
Our Mission and Values

At AllGrappler, our mission has remained steadfast since our inception – to cultivate and promote grappling as a unified martial art that can be enjoyed by all. Rooted in the traditional values of respect, humility, courage, and discipline, we envision a global community bounded only by a passion for grappling.

AllGrappler camps

Join us for an unparalleled experience where grappling meets adventure. Our camps transcend traditional training by combining world-class grappling instruction, exceptional travel destinations, and a welcoming atmosphere. We offer a complete experience that goes beyond the mats, providing not just a training camp, but a trip to remember for a lifetime.

Community and Inclusivity: AllGrappler camps aim to make connections between participants and ensure that no one is left behind. Each camp offers the chance to learn different perspectives, both on and off the mat, from grapplers all around the world. Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, we are truly all grapplers. 

Global Experiences: Our camp locations are carefully selected based on our own experience traveling. We integrate the unique features of each location into our camps. Whether its surfing at world-renowned beaches, experiencing epic nightlife, or tasting the local cuisine – each camp promises a different adventure.

Beyond Training: While grappling training remains the core of our camps, we also include all the fun of travel and exploration. Each camp includes additional group activities for everyone to enjoy outside of training. We also include accommodation, travel guidance, and additional events to make each camp special.


Meet the Founders

AllGrappler is led by co-founders Kyle and Mason, both lifelong grapplers and coaches. Starting off as wrestlers, Kyle and Mason met on the mat at 11 years old. There they found a community of like-minded people that planted the seed for the community-driven spirit of AllGrappler. As their grappling journey endured, they turned to no-gi jiu-jitsu and continue to shape their lives around the sport as competitors and coaches. Their lifelong passion of the sport continues with the hopes of spreading this passion for others to enjoy as well. 

Join us on this grappling journey of life and become a #AllGrappler.


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